Why a TagSafe®️ Collar?

Like knowing your pet is safe?

We do too.  But did you know that dangling tags can get caught on objects and cause the collar to strangle your dog? Sure, you could take the collar off.  But it's a hassle to constantly take it off and put it on.  And if your dog happens to get loose, they won't have their tags.  Or you could use a collar with a name plate.  But those don't include vaccination info and are more expensive to replace. 

Fortunately, there's a better way.  No matter what activities your dog likes, a TagSafe®️ collar safely and securely displays their existing tags.  This means you don’t have to worry about their tags getting tangled on other dogs’ tags or on random objects, like dishwasher racks, vents, crates, and many more.  And you don't have to worry about vaccination tags or costly nameplates -- just simply slide your dog's existing tags into the TagSafe® pouch and you're all set! TagSafe®️ collars include a see-through compartment that keeps your dog’s tags safe and secure, while still displaying name, contact, and vaccination information. The chances of snagging or tangling are practically eliminated because the housing is specially designed based on the collar width.

   As an added bonus, TagSafe®️ collars eliminate the annoying jingling sound that tags make. Select a Small (neck size 10-15 inches), Medium (neck size 14 - 20 inches), or Large (neck size 17 - 26 inches) below to get started ordering your dog's new collar today!  Our collars currently come in 4 fantastic colors: Black, Bright Green, Blue, and Neon Pink. AND 3 attractive NEW patterns.